VetTechPrep would like to recognize the authors and contributors of images and other content to the VetTechPrep program.

With a combination of veterinary technicians, veterinarians, and leading clinical specialists and instructors, VetTechPrep combines recent board exam experience with unparalleled expertise in development of high quality and pertinent VTNE® review material.

Content from the following outstanding group of veterinarian and veterinary technician contributors:
  • Crystal Adamek, RVT, VTS (ECC)
  • Heather Andrews, CVT
  • Devon Ayres, RVT (Intensive Care Unit technician)
  • Allen Balay, DVM (Exam Preparation Specialist)
  • Esther Bosklopper, CVT
  • Mauricio Dujowich, DVM DACVS (Small Animal Surgery)
  • Ira Gordon, DVM DACVR (Radiation Oncology)
  • Lori Hehn, DVM (Small Animal Practice)
  • Jessica Kindred, CVT, RVT
  • Flora Nelson, RVT (Oncology technician)
  • Alex Ramirez, DVM MPH DACVPM (Swine Medicine)
  • Abbey Santos, CVT
  • Michael Shaugnessy, RVT (Anesthesia technician)
  • Stephen Shaw, DVM DACVIM (Medical Oncology)
  • Bradford Smith, DVM DACVIM (Large Animal Medicine)
  • Nanette Walker Smith, MEd, RVT, CVT, LVT
  • Brandy Sprunger, CVT
  • Felicitas Tantiatyanon, DVM (Small Animal Practice)
  • Raegan Wells, DVM MS DACVECC (Criticalist)
  • Michelle Windman, CVT
  • David Wong, DVM DACVIM DACVECC (Equine Medicine and Emergency Critical Care)
  • Jeff Zuba, DVM (Zoological and Wildlife Medicine)

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