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Thorough answer explanations

Full Comprehension

Thorough Answer Explanations

Detailed answer explanations are one of the most important learning tools in VetTechPrep. Instead of memorizing answers, the explanations help you better understand the concepts. Don't just learn which answer choice is the correct choice; learn why that answer is indeed the correct choice. No VTNE® exam questions will be identical to what you've studied, therefore comprehension is key to success on exam day.

Just Like Exam Day

Format that Simulates the Actual VTNE®

The ratio of question topics, question format, and user interface were specifically designed to simulate an actual VTNE® exam and to get you accustomed to the timed test. Practice questions allow you to test your overall knowledge; timed exams help you gauge your ability to answer questions at a pace to complete the actual exam.

NEW You can now strike through answer choices to narrow down your options.

Format that simulates the actual VTNE

Clear & Concise Topical Pages

VetTechPrep PowerPages

PowerPages are neatly packaged PDFs each focused on a single key veterinary topic. Each PowerPage is condensed to the main points on the subject for quick synopsis. They provide the equivalent of a summary and highlights for a topic specific lecture or review session. PowerPages are also linked to questions on the topic for easy accessibility when you need additional information to master the concept.

Image-rich Studying with Flashcards

VetTechPrep PowerPix

PowerPix provides a great way to visually review case photos, medical conditions, instruments, and more in a flashcard-like format with notes on each image and the ability to zoom in on details. Choose from two modes: a Review mode that lets you choose a category and presents the notes alongside the image, or Quiz mode that randomly serves images, hiding the notes until you decide to view them.

24/7 access on smartphones

24/7 Access on Mobile Devices

VetTechPrep Mobile

Access VetTechPrep any time and anywhere via your smartphone or mobile device and the mobile web app. Our HTML5 mobile site is optimized for mobile devices, letting you get in a few questions when you have some time. Take a few random questions, study from a specific category, or try a few of your most difficult ones.

NEW The mobile version has been completely redesigned to provide access to every aspect of the program, automatically resizing to fit your device.

Study Efficiently & Effectively

Detailed Metrics

Statistics and graphs allow you to track your performance granularly, helping you to more effectively allocate your study time. Statistics are broken down by category and subcategory enabling you to gauge your progress. This statistical information illustrates your strengths and weaknesses so you can make the most of your study time.

Detailed metrics
Hand-crafted Questions & Material

Hand-crafted Questions & Material

Peer Reviewed Questions & Material Written by Experts

Questions are carefully crafted and peer-reviewed by experts. Additionally, every question is written by a specialist in the field, reviewed by peers, and sent to a copy editor to ensure clinical accuracy and clarity.

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