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98% of all users responding to a survey about VetTechPrep in 2014 would recommend it to another veterinary technician or student preparing for the VTNE!

It's highly recommended

I sincerely believe VetTechPrep was a HUGE part of the reason I was successful on such a challenging exam.

Chrissy, North Dakota

I just wanted to say THANK YOUUUU so very much for helping me pass the VTNE. I learned some things through this review program that I had never heard of before in school and the material was on the exam I took. This is hands down the #1 review material I will recommend to students in the future that aspire to pass the VTNE.

Jessica, Illinois

VetTechPrep really helped me out in preparing for the VTNE. I would recommend this to anyone who is getting ready to take the VTNE!

Kersten, Wisconsin

This was the best thing to study by, hands down.

Mallory, Alabama

It's the most efficient and effective way to study

The best part was that it helped me track my progress which helped me pace myself in studying and stay on track for my exam date.

Laura, Georgia

The PowerPages are such a great and fast way to review a variety of subjects! Loved it.

Lindsay, Texas

I feel this program was an excellent source to study from. Thank you!

Tina, Ohio

It showed me which areas I needed to work on.

Kelsey, Iowa

Made all the difference

Today I passed my VTNE. I have failed 2 times prior to purchasing this program. I'm so thankful that I found this site; it helped me so much and I know I passed the test because of this program. I will highly recommend it to anyone preparing for the VTNE... Again thank you so much for this wonderful program you guys have put together.

Candace, California

VetTechPrep is great. I had failed the exam 3x prior, only by a few questions each time. It was very discouraging. The questions and explanations are really good. Some of the questions are written very close to the actual questions on the exam. I definitely feel if I had heard about it before I took the exam the 1st time I would have definitely passed. Thank you VetTechPrep!!!! I have recommended it to everyone I know who will be taking it.

Kim, Nevada

My class was taught by a wonderful instructor but she focused on making us the most efficient in the work place. I believe I balanced out my practical knowledge with technical terminology due to VetTechPrep.

Jane, Washington

Students love the comprehensive explanations and questions

I absolutely feel like VetTechPrep was a major influence in my passing the VTNE. I loved the fact that even if I got an answer wrong, there was a thorough explanation as to what the correct answer was, and the meaning of the other answers. I also felt like the PowerPages were very helpful reviews.

Jessica, Virginia

I really liked this program because it had so much useful information. I loved the practice questions and quizzes (that were timed) which helped a lot! I would definitely recommend this program.

Jessica, Minnesota

You'll be ready for exam day because it feels just like the VTNE

I was hesitant about spending the money for only a few month subscription, however once I got started with the program I knew I had made the right decision, the PowerPages were excellent resources offering quick review of subjects from school. The questions were incredibly similar to the real test, which helped make the VTNE not seem so foreign, I HIGHLY recommend them!! Passed the test the first time just like they promised.

Grace, Ohio

The timed exams were probably the most helpful for me personally. It gave me a chance to practice "being under pressure" before actually sitting for the state exam.

Roxanna, Virginia

I want to thank you so much for the help of your online program to prepare me for the CVT. This was the second time I had taken the national exam. I passed my state test on the first try but unfortunately did not have the same luck when taking my national. The first time I took my national exam I had just graduated from veterinary technician school and used a review book and CD-ROM to help study for the test. On the day I went in to take my national, as I was going through the questions I felt completely unprepared. I spent well over 3 months studying for the exam and it was a huge letdown to know that all of the preparing I did let me down in the end.

The second time I was getting ready to take my CVT I wanted to make sure I was completely prepared so I would not have the same frustration I had the first time. I decided to try out a different study material, VetTechPrep. I was excited to try it out and as I was exploring the program I felt a great reassurance because the majority of the questions and material it went over were things I recognized from my first try. I also gained a better understanding of the material, and ways to help me remember the contents. During my CVT after using VetTechPrep, I was going through my questions faster and knew that on many of the questions I had gotten the answer right. It was an unbelievable feeling of reassurance. I feel as if VetTechPrep was the sole reason that I passed my exam this time. During my studying I was realizing that I needed more help in the pharmacology section. I was pleased because after 1 email asking for more help I was given an immediate response with more study materials to help me get a better understanding of pharmacology. Nothing could have prepared me better for the CVT. I have already encouraged my fellow technicians and friends to use this study guide in order to pass their CVT. I would recommend this program to everyone. I feel that this program goes above and beyond what some of the other study guides have to offer.

I want to thank everyone at VetTechPrep for all of your hard work and input, because it was a success.

Ashley, Arizona

It's way better than books and seminars

I am thankful that VetTechPrep is around to help us prepare for the VTNE. The questions & answers were easier to understand and more in tune with the actual questions on the VTNE than the Mosby prep books. Thank you for also providing the PowerPages, they are excellent resources to have! The 3 month subscription is worth every penny and the best help that money can buy!

Tracy, New York

The first time I took the VTNE I thought I was prepared, but when I sat down to take the test I realized I must have studied the wrong things. I decided to see if there was a different way of studying and I found VetTechPrep online. I thought it was worth a try. I tried it and I felt that the course helped me be better prepared for the VTNE. I passed the VTNE on my second try. I would highly recommend it to other students.

Amber, Ohio

I really liked it because it gave me motivation to actually study!

Sky, Kansas

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